Basilicata, capital of nature: a 4 days tour from matera up to the dolomites and trekking
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A journey to discover the naturalistic, cultural and historical beauties of Basilicata

Our four days journey starts at the gates of “Sassi di Matera”, the true pole of attraction, and right here, we are waiting for Francesco, our guide. This kind of housing has been elected Unesco heritage in 1933, and these “Sassi” perfectly show the adaptation of man to an inhospitable and harsh territory.

In centuries, these houses have been the witness of the human evolution and ages too and it is well known, since the rock civilization, the passage and the Byzantine, oriental/Saracens and norman styles; but it is also the attempt to of the modern, romantic, baroque, and also of the and post-modern society, to reduce what it was the rock architectural settlement-

During the second and the third day, we’ll experience, with Antonella, the Lucane Dolomites,which fall within the Regional Natural Park of Gallipoli Cognato Piccole Dolomiti Lucane. It will be the “Volo dell’Angelo” that, through an amazing view over the towns, will fascinate and exalt you! Trekking through the via ferrata (a difficult path to cross where you can find some obstacles) in the Dolomites offers a unique spectacle that only this region can offer.

Finally, on the fourth day, we will have an amazing view from the sky thanks to Rocco and the attraction of the Tibetan bridges. It is an activity that allows you to observe the beautiful “Sasso di Castalda”, a charming village considered the ideal place to relax and fully enjoy tranquility and nature without the stress of the city.

If you want to comment or tell us about your trip to Basilicata we are here listen to you and read your messages and advice with pleasure. If,instead, you have suggestions, desires, or more information about some destinations, you can write us via email or social media.


First Day- Matera

Bari - Matera: by car from the highway 98, by train with the Appulo Lucane railways.
Naples - Matera: by car from the highway 407

The first day is dedicated to the visit of Matera starting from the famous “Sassi”. The whole morning is concentrated in visiting the rock churches, old houses and primordial settlements. Today, it seems difficult to think about the Sassi as the "shame of Italy, and yet in the years between the two world wars, they were: Matera was a ghost town of extraordinary natural beauty. Instead, history has reserved a great destiny, for one of the most beautiful heritages of Italy: the ransom in being elected Capital of Culture. During the lunch break, our invitation is to taste, in addition to cruschi, a kind of peppers typical of this area, also roast pork sausages and mushroom dishes, all coming from Lucan culinary traditions. In the afternoon, it would be interesting to visit both the Aragonese Castle, maternal pride, than the National Archaeological Museum. Finally,”a must to see” spectacle is the one of the Sassi, all illuminated by the traditional street lamps of the 30s that make it a real nativity scene.

Second Day: Volo Dell’Angelo (Flight of the Angel)

Matera - Castelmezzano: by car from the highway 407

On the second day we experience the thrill of the angel's flight. A rope suspended between two villages, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, elected among the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, surrounded by the unique scenery of the Lucanian Dolomites. It is a new attractor that allows an innovative use of the environmental heritage by responding to a new need and a new way of understanding leisure, more inclined to live and enjoy new experiences and to look for new emotions. An adventure directly in contact with nature surrounded by a unique landscape, in order to discover the real soul of the territory. Usually, the flight occupy visitors for the entire morning. For lunch, it would be useful to go in two villages nearby. where it is possible to taste, in addition to the famous cruschi peppers and mushrooms, other typical sweets of the area.
The afternoon instead is entirely dedicated to the visit of the two villages and their charming rural beauties.

III Day: Trekking on the Lucanian Dolomites

On the third day, on the other hand, we try our hand at trekking, for the via ferrata, of the Lucanian Dolomites. One of the most fascinating routes, called "Delle Sette Pietre", is an intense physical, mental and spiritual bond between the human being and the rock. The route draws inspiration from the stories, handed down orally for generations and from the collective imagination on which the text “Vito ballava con le Streghe” of Mimmo Sammartino, is founded. Along the path the narration is translated into visual, sound and evocative forms and becomes a story engraved on the stone. Each stage includes a space set up that welcomes the artistic work evoking one of the sequences of the story, and a sound setting that offers further suggestions to the magic of nature that is revealed. The stages are 7 and each of them proposes a key word that returns the meaning of the story: destinies, enchantment, spell, witches, flight, dance, delirium. It is in the central stage - witches - that the visitor is presented with the whole story, through elements of scenographic and sound suggestion. Without a prepared guide it is complicated to try this experience. For this reason it is always recommended to contact those who have always known those places, such as Antonella.

IV Day: Tibetan bridges
Castelmezzano - Sasso di Castalda: by car from the highway 407 and then 95.

On the fourth day we experience the thrill of walking “in the skies” over 100 meters high thanks to the Tibetan bridges, the longest in Europe. After having walked for 300 meters, in total safety, we await for a glass sky-walk suspended on the bridge and on some vantage points useful to catch our breath. After the bridge our journey continues for a hike on some of the railways that are in the area. Lunch can be packed or you can decide to go in one of the nice restaurants that offer typical Lucan cuisine, including cold cuts and cheeses. For the afternoon you can have a double choice: excursion in the beech forest and the waterfalls of Savoy, or a cultural guided tour of the murals of Satriano or the Brienza Castle.

Dotazione Necessaria

-trekking shoes with very slippery rubber;

- comfortable clothing, such as overalls or leggings;

- backpack with water bottleand some energy bars.

If you have to choose for the winter season it is recommended to bring snow clothing as:

- après-ski,

- heavy sweaters,

- waterproof jackets.

Termini e Condizioni

For this Tour we suggest to experience it during spring and summer time (at least for the flight of the Angel and Tibetan Bridges), but the spectacular winter scenery, with numerous snowshoes and small hikes, is absolutely not to be missed.

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