Albania: trekking, sea and relaxation from Durrës to Butrint
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6-day trip in Albania, departing from Bari by ferry. Overnight stays, excursions, and relaxation with local guides.

Tournelsud takes you to Albania for a 6-day journey to discover the fascinating Adriatic Coast. Depart by ferry from Bari to Durazzo. We will take a road-trip to the South, to the fortress of Berat and the museum districts of Mangalemi and Gorica. A tour that will tie together naturalistic aspects with the history of Butrint and the art of small towns. We will visit the Blue Eye, where we immerse ourselves in nature that looks like it came from a fairy-tale. Enjoy stretches of white sand beaches to relax and recharge. Excursions will be lead by a guide and supported by local operators.



  • 17-23 July 2017
  • 21-27 August 2017
  • 11-18 September 2017

Program Itinerary

Day 1 Durrës - Berat - Apollonia - Himara (by van)

Arrive at the port of Durres and meet with the private travel guide. Depart for the South for Berat after breakfast. We will visit Berat fortress, the museum districts of Mangalemi and Gorica, the medieval quarter and the featured places of worship. From Berat we will continue on to Himara. Along the way, we will pass Narta lagoon, the city of Valona, the Gulf of Orikum and the Llogara pass before reaching the heart of the Himare Riviera.


Day 2 Himara - Llogara A/R (by van) & Llogara - Top of Qorras / Top of Thanasi (on foot)

Drive along the Llogara Pass (1007m), where we will take the path that leads us to the top of Qorraj at 2000m above sea level. Try a medium difficulty trail with patches of medium difficulty with short breaks, due to rock crumbs and dry shrubs that sometimes make the ground hard. If weather conditions are not considered to be safe, it will be changed to a more straightforward path such as the one leading to the west Top of Thanasi, 1400m to Pico on the sea. These spots give us a complete view across the coast, from the Karaburun peninsula to the coasts of Corfu. Once we return to the park, we will drive to our accommodations.


3rd Day Himara - Gjipe - Dhermi (on foot) & Dhermi - Himara (with half)

A long day of walking that begins on the footpath and ends with a return from Dhermi. Throughout the day we will walk along the most beautiful stretch of the riviera, where the trail leads us to the wild and through picturesque beaches and bays. Once in Dhermi, we will stop to visit the village and the Madonna’s monastery. Return to our accommodation with half-board.


 Day 4 Himare - Monastery of Athali - Palermo - Qeparo Harbor (on foot) & Qeparo - Himare (with half)

We leave in the morning to walk to the Athali monastery from the seventeenth century, located above the Gulf of Himara. From here we will descend to the bay of Palermo Port where we will visit the military area and the fortress of Ali Pasha. We will continue on to Qeparo and visit the ancient hamlet and stay the night.


Day 5 Himare - Butrint - Gjirokastra

We leave Himare in the morning for Butrint. Guided tour of Butrint's archaeological park, which is one of the most important and spectacular UNESCO heritage sites in the country. Enjoy at least a two hour visit to walk up a small hill on Butrint Lake. After visiting the park, we visit the Blue Eye, where we immerse ourselves in a fairy-tale nature before continuing on to Gjirokastra. Gjirokastra, also called the stone city, is a typical medieval Ottoman city characterized by robust houses with two/three floors, called kulla (towers), made of stone. Once you get here, we settle into the hotel in the late afternoon. Before dinner we will visit the historic part of the city.


Day 6 Gjirokastra - Apollonia - Durrës 

We continue in the morning with a visit to the castle of Gjirokastra, an ethnographic museum and one of the typical museum houses. Walking between these requires a bit of effort to climb and descend the secluded steep seculars. After our visit, we will head back towards Durres. When we reach Fier, we will take a short break to visit the ancient city of Apollonia, loved by Augusto and subject to study by Aristotle. Then we will have a visit of the city of Durres, depending on the time available before your check in.

La quota include

The price includes

  • A / R Ferry from Bari to Durres in double cabins and services
  • Private transfers
  • Accommodation in private apartments and breakfast
  • Italian guide and local guides
  • Visits and excursions
  • Special visits (Butrint, Onufri Museum, Top of Qorraj, Apollonia)
  • International medical/luggage insurance




  • daily bagged lunch: 5 euro / day
  • individual entrance fees of 20 euros for travelers
  • cancellation insurance + 5% of the total amount


The fee can also be paid at the operating venue in VIA CASTROMEDIANO 36 / A in Bari, Monday to Friday 10.00-13.30 and 15.00-19.00 / Saturday by appointment.

Dotazione Necessaria

Necessary equipment

  • Sportswear
  • Identity card
  • Energy drinks and water
  • Bagged lunch
  • Swimsuit
  • Camera
Termini e Condizioni

Terms and conditions

  • The organization reserves the right to modify or cancel the tour if the minimum number of 6 people is not reached.
  • If any elements of the contract need significant change before departure, the organizer will contact the tourist immediately to give them written notice of the change.
  • In the event of cancellation, the amount, whether it is a deposit or a balance, can not be returned, except in extreme cases.
Info Generali
Prezzi a persona:
€ 595.00

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