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Trekking, kayaking and snorkeling in Otranto Park - Leuca
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Trek, kayak and snorkel your way through Otranto – Leuca to thoroughly discover the natural park’s beauty

In this adventure-packed excursion you can discover Porto Badisco and the Deer Valley, famous locations in Salento. Follow an unspoiled path surrounded by beautiful nature to a site of immense archaeological importance, the same one that was seen by the Neolithic man from the Deer Cave. The trip begins with Porto Badisco, then explore the striking canyons and caves. Discover the coast and its fantastic coves by kayak. Snorkel to discover the fresh water resources and explore the marine biodiversity. Continue on by trekking to discover the petrified reef and visit the remains form an ancient tsunami. Admire the Torre di Sant’Emiliano that looks out over the Adriatic Sea and the cove linked to Aeneas.

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